Wednesday, November 20, 2019

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT - Essay Example As a far as being and achiever is concerned, I consider myself one since I see life as a set of goals that need to be fulfilled and as such whenever I complete a task I feel that I have achieved something no matter how small. Lastly, I am a restorer because I always derive pleasure and satisfaction from patching things, situations and even people. This is influenced by my positivism since whenever I come across a situation that could be made better; I almost always try my utmost to remedy it. While the test may have indicated that am an includer, I do not think that is very descriptive of me since I tend to prefer to run projects on my own rather than as part of a team. While I do include people in them, when it comes to their management, I end up trying to be the one to run point because I am a bit of a perfectionist. In the past, teachers and even friends have been full of praise about my positivism, I remember one of my teacher once told me that my glass is always half full and I should influence my colleagues to be as positive. Whenever my siblings or friends are stressed, sometimes by academics or life issues such as relationship they often seek me out since they know I will help them see the best in such situations. This has also been very useful to me personally since, as a student, I frequently used my positivism to motivate myself to take on complicated projects that others did not want to tackle. I often view challenges as opportunities to make myself a better person rather than inconvenient situations that should be avoided. As a result, I have found myself exceling and standing out, not because I am better than others are but because I am willing to try what they refuse to handle. Being an achiever as well as a positivist is often instrumental in helping one achieve success in most of the things they set out to do (Clear). In many cases, I make small short term goals which I gradually and consistently work on combining the small

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