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Life As a Fashion Designer. - 1786 Words

Introduction The career in which I am most interested in the textile industry is that of the fashion designer. A fashion designer is the person who comes up with the ideas and designs today, for the clothes that we, the consumers, will be wearing tomorrow. This alone, the power to inspire the world of fashion , would be enough to make me want to become a designer, but designing clothes is also a way of expressing yourself. Each designer is unique and thus the clothes that each create are just as unique. Although the job of a fashion designer may seem easy, there are many abilities involved in the job. Some of these abilities, which I posses, include a love for fashion, understanding of color and combinations of color, and the ability to†¦show more content†¦Benefits vary with employers. Designers often negotiate their salaries and benefits individually with employers. Some firms provide vacation and group health insurance plans. Self employed designers must supply themselves with their o wn insurance, but it also means that their schedule is very flexible and allows them to take time off to travel for business or pleasure at any time which is convenient to them. Interview Basement Couture by Marian Buckley In a Ladbroke Grove basement studio flat, I sit down with designer Francesca Marotta. This is couture heaven, W11 style. Francesca says she always knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. When I was 4 I said to my Mum, I am going to work in fashion. By the age of 10 Francesca was whipping out the family Singer to run-up dolls clothes. I remember when my Mum used to go shopping, I would open up the sewing machine and make clothes for my sisters dolls, and then when I heard the car come back I would quickly put the sewing machine away again. After studying at university in Belgium (her family relocated to Belgium, leaving Sicily when she was 5) Francesca moved to London to study for a BTEC National Diploma at The London College of Fashion. She never completed the course. They never liked my style, she explains. The London College of Fashion is very good for technique, but at the time they werent broadminded, they werent like St Martins -Show MoreRelatedMy Life Of Becoming A Fashion Designer973 Words   |  4 PagesAs a little boy plays with his toy fire trucks, he dreams of what it would be like to be a real-life firefighter and to help save people. A little girl plays dress up with her friends and mixes and matches different outfits for their fashion show. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Dreams are the start of creating to reality. Some of us like these children dream and aspire to grow up and be a real world version of a pretend reality. Some of us develop a dream along the way. We all have aRead MoreYves S aint Laurents Life Of Becoming A Fashion Designer1392 Words   |  6 Pagesmother to wear. He also enjoyed making little doll figures. The fashion world was a place of piece in Yves world of torture. In school he was often bullied due to be homosexual. When Saint Laurent was at the age of 17 years old his mother took him to Paris to officially pursue his dreams of becoming a fashion designer. He enrolled in to a stint fashion school, but that was short live when he won a design contest. Due to winning that fashion design contest he was given the opportunity to meet Vogue editorRead MoreBecoming a Fashion Designer Essay1334 Words   |  6 PagesSteve Mergarten Mrs. Malaspino English 12 A November 28, 2009 Becoming a Fashion Designer Cynthia Nellis, in her column â€Å"Day in the Life of a Fashion Couture Designer†, says, â€Å"... nothing is ever typical in the world of day is ever routine, although we begin and end each day more or less the same: in early, out late.† Working as a Fashion Designer is a very busy, hard and challenging job. You have to provide a lot of strengths in creativity, marketing and determination; to beRead MoreCareers of Design: Interior and Fashion Essay1715 Words   |  7 Pagesspecial occupations fall into: a fashion designer and an interior designer. Fine Arts is a unique category that some adults’ jobs fit into. Fine Arts employs a majority of people who are artistic and are creative. However, not all the employed enjoy the Arts; some of the careers are simplistic and simply follow orders of a creative boss. These jobs do not simply create accessories or vanities for people, these careers create enjoyable objects, experiences, and settings. Life without the workers of theRead MoreSupply Map Chain Essay847 Words   |  4 Pagesproduct mix helps the fashion designer to control the target market. The distributor of the finished garment later determines how the product would distribute throughout the department and discount stores. The target market will help the designer to assess the success of the garment. The selection of the garments plays a volatile role in the supply chain because without the right garment/raw materials the finished product may not result to the vision of the designer. â€Å"The fashion industry is c haracterizedRead MoreFashion Trends And The Fashion Industry1087 Words   |  5 PagesAccording to, the fashion industry generates an average of $20 billion each year. Fashion designers are the heart of the fashion world. The fashion industry has grown to popularity by dominating the worldwide economy, media, workplace, and everyday life. Clothing trends have changed over the last century due to historical events and the evolution of technology. With the gift of creativity and skill of constructing clothing, fashion designers complete a degree in designing, researchRead MoreFashion Design Is The Top Of Your Head, Right?1384 Words   |  6 PagesWithout fashion designers, we would all be naked. Do you know what it takes to become a fashion designer? You can probably name a good 10 designers of the top of your head, right? Now, think about how many people are in college at FIDM or the NY School of Fashion, or the many other schools that fashion designers strive to go to, thousands of people. The fashion industry is one of the most competitive businesses out there. It is said that, â€Å"while fashion designers must be creative, they also needRead MoreMy Career Choice: Fashion Designer Essay775 Words   |  4 PagesIn life I want to become a fashion designer. My goals are to create clothing that is for all sizes, ages, and genders. In my clothing I want t show a creative side of my art ability and I want to make my clothing affordable for all as well. I think I influenced myself to wanting to become a fashion designer because I have a passion for art and wanting to become a fashion designer. I enjoy making sketches of clothing that one day will hopefully be available in stores all over. Fashion designingRead MoreThe Effect of Globalization on Fashion with Special Reference to the Impact of Japanese Designs on the European Scene1521 Words   |  7 Pagesct Analyse the effect of ‘Globalization’ on fashion with special reference to the impact of Japanese designs on the European scene. The definition of globalisation is quite complex and extremely controversial. However globalization with reference to the fashion industry helps defines the development of what has been termed as „world fashion‟. Preferred garments of young people is quite often the same. A phenomenon made possible by the exploitative mechanisms of globalization. The globalization ofRead More Fashion History Essay1345 Words   |  6 Pagesduring the last several decades, which played an important role in modern fashion in the UK. Everyone has a different and unique dressing style in their general life. Some styles are influenced in vintage styles which is attributing to the deep effects of old vogue, and another group of dressing styles are inclined into the fresh element. According to those different styles some of them are even evolved in the milestones in fashion history. To start this essay, it will introduce the evaluation of

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