Thursday, February 13, 2020

Down the Hatch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Down the Hatch - Essay Example All this made her to remember what happened on the previous day. She and Ingrid her friend was in deep sleep; it was a quirk of fate because nothing can be asleep when the alarms are sounding off. However, it did wake them up because the alarms were a signal that a tornado is in close proximity and not a signal for anything mundane. A possible disaster brings with it a list of things people have to do to save their lives and number one on that list is the flight to a shelter. Hence, acting fast and evacuating all the breathing mortals will save as many lives as possible. That is why both of them ran to the barn but there was no one there, not even the horses although they usually prefer to stay where they are when a disaster strikes them. Only Katrina's dog, Amber, was there; perhaps waiting for her to show up. She didn't want any animal to feel disowned under such circumstances, for she was a caring human being above anything else. Now, she reflected, she had to shelter herself and the other two from the grueling tornado. Katrina let out a peaceful sigh and looks out the window in the living room. She sees no one. Letting her gaze wander towards the sky, she notices that they turn in vivid shades of orange and green just as her eyes fixes on it and the air comes to a standstill. The sheer action seemed like a premonition of some sort. The sinister atmosphere, that resulted, alone was trying to disturb her peaceful and tranquil soul again. An adventure had occurred with Katrina and her girlfriend yesterday; it was surely an intimidating day for her but she had acted in a cool, calm and collective way and had defied all the scariness out of her. The clouds formed a thundering sound and the rain then poured with a renewed energy, Katrina didn't know it was capable of producing. Remembering what to do, Katrina, her girlfriend Ingrid and her dog Amber, took refuge in a strapping shelter situated below that barn's floor. Sited in the barn was a hatch that opened to a safe haven. Katrina and Ingrid were conversing about the vice that tornados seem to bring in the lives. The vice that make a man wonder how God can allow such things to happen to ordinary people out of the blue as they, in their sight, weren't able to do anything extremely dire to evoke the anger in God this bad. They disagreed because Katrina held a firm belief in God and thought of Him as a God and nothing else. It may stir up guilt in her later to think of God in a negative manner. The disparity between their views was mainly due to their different religions. Katrina felt disturbed as she had always tried not to bring up any talk of religions, her or any other's, between them. It only created resentments in such a beautiful relationship. "Once we were late in evacuating all the animals and so lost a couple of horses and since then, Mother tells me we never found their bodies even." Katrina said trying to steer the conversation in a new direction. Thus, they started talking about their favorite animals; Ingrid loved birds but Katrina liked the four-legged creatures better. It was startling just then to observe the discrepancy between the two friends because of the way each of them were responding to the present circumstances. For the reason that where Katrina was a simple Midwestern Christian farm girl; Ingrid was a skittish East Asian Buddhist free willed girl. Tall, lean and wary with a

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